Contacting an Authentic Reiki® Master


Each of the people listed below is an Authentic Reiki® Master, an Authorized Instructor of The Radiance Technique® and chooses to be listed publically on this site.  For information about classes, contact any of them for availability in your area.

Dean Karns
Specializing in stress management
Iowa, Chicago, and Louisville (KY)
Larry Westenberg
Specializing in stress management
Chicago, Michigan, Wisconsin
Leslie Anneliese, WHNP, MN
Specializing in seminars for healthcare personnel, women of all ages, meditation and healing relaxation
Washington, California
Patrick Hopchas
Specializing in seminars for Registered Nurses, allied health professionals, actors and other entertainment industry professionals
Los Angeles area
Linda Richard
Specializing with persons who have stressful living, learning problems, senior and disabling caretaking situations, and hospice support
3640 N. 38th St. #102
Phoenix, AZ 85018
Katherine Lenel
Specializing in stress management; cancer patients & families
St. Petersburg, Miami & New York & Iowa areas
Shoshana Shay
Specializing in stress management, people with pets, and performing artists
St. Petersburg, Philadelphia, New York, Grand Rapids (Michigan) & San Francisco areas
Yesnie Carrington
Specializing in stress management; classes for animal-lovers
Seminole, Florida
Crystal Sierra
Specializing in stress management and Radiant self-esteem classes for women and children, and intuitive artists
St. Petersburg, Florida
Joy Stevens
Specializing in stress management "on the job" and for commuters
Maryland, Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia
Linda Gareh-Applegate
Specializing in positive wellness and stress management
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Tel 717-249-7145
Donna Gowland, B.Sc.N.
Holistic Nurse specializing in promoting & supporting wellness on all levels
Orillia, Ontario, Canada
Tel 705-329-0884
Pat Bachand
Specializing in stress management, hospice care, supporting caregivers and the death, dying and grief process
Belle River, Ontario, Canada
Tel 519-728-1045
Christine Gross
Specializing in wholistic health care, meditation and hospice care
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Melanie Johnson
Specializing in self care, hospice care and support through life-threatening illness
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Michele Troise
Specializing in stress management and voice education for singers, actors and other performing artists; also classes in French
New York City and vicinity; Paris & Dijon, France; Canada francophone
400 W. 43 Street, Apt 33E
New York, NY 10036
917-602-3850; +33 6 2292 4558 (Europe)
Michelle Lonsdale Nancey
Specialising in wellbeing, education, personal development and meditation
Campagne Sur Aude, France
(classes offered in English)
The Radiance Technique Association for Great Britain
U.K. association for students of
The Radiance Technique
®, Authentic Reiki®
7 Park House, Park Drive
Market Harborough
Leicestershire LE16 7BS
Ingrid St Clare
Specializing in voice & speech;  education; personal development & meditation
7 Park House, Park Drive
Market Harborough
Leicestershire LE16 7BS
+ 44 (0)1858 461891
Ulrike Wolf
Specializing in stress management and eyes
Germany & Switzerland
Die Radiance Technik Gesellschaft e.V.
German association for students of
The Radiance Technique
®, Authentic Reiki®
Hobrechtstr. 67/ Aufgang 2
12047 Berlin
Brigitte Maria Haertl
Specializing in stress management, health care and nutrition
Tel 0049 (0)7576 2482
Margarete Keppel
Specializing in wholistic psychotherapy and personal unfolding
Bodenackerstrasse 52
D-96163 Gundelsheim/Bamberg, Germany
Miki Ivancsics
Specializing in wholistic health, bodywork & movement; classes for therapists
Vienna, Austria
Tel +43 1 5964772
Gabriella Dalla Favera-Signer
Specializing in promoting and supporting wellness and balance on all levels, and stress management
Vy-Creuse 8
CH 1260 Nyon, Switzerland
Tel +41 200 84 02
Flavio Idda
Specializing in stress management and wellness
Milano, Italy
Cell 339/5924649
Irini Garazioti
Specializing in stress management
3, via Pascoli
20129 Milano, Italy
Tel/fax +39-02-29512033
Elisabeth Bez
Specializing in stress management
Venezuela, South Florida

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